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This question is quite popular and common among motorists. Few people pay enough attention to this, but resolving this issue will ensure the comfort of your ride.

When choosing autoclaves, it is necessary to first pay attention to the fabric from which they are sewn. It depends not only on its appearance, but also on its durability, as well as the satisfaction of their use.

Most manufacturers of car covers use the following materials:


In the modern world, this material is in high demand, as it has reliability, a rich appearance and a completely affordable price.


Possesses high quality and affordable value. The key feature of this material is that even in severe frosts, it remains warm, and in the heat, on the contrary, does not heat up. Velor car covers can be found on sale, both universal and model. The benefits of velor should be considered simple care. And to the disadvantages - they quickly wear out.


The skin will give the cabin a rich and stylish look. They look always chic and besides, they do not require special care. But it should be remembered that in order to preserve their original appearance it is recommended to treat the skin with a special tool. But the skin also has its own disadvantages: it is easy to blow, it is very cool in the cold. Fur. There is no problem with excessive cooling and the appearance of scratches on the fur blanket. For their manufacture, artificial and natural fur are used. Of course, natural fur is much more expensive, and requires special care. And the artificial version is easy to care and costs much cheaper than a natural counterpart.


This material has superb smoothness and pleasant to the touch. It is easy to care for and he does not sit down at the wash. The only drawback - the polyester covers absolutely do not absorb moisture and "do not breathe".

Cloth covers

Also, for making covers, use tapestry, plush, leatherette and jacquard. When choosing a car seat, it's important to remember that it is not bought for one day. Pay attention not only to the material from which it is executed, but also to its appearance. When you choose covers of a certain material, it is important to understand their purpose. And depending on the purpose, this or that material will be the best for you.


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