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HHow to clean neoprene seat covers

18.02.20202 Min Read — In Seat covers

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber chloroprene or, more simply, rubber foam. This is a relatively new material, which is characterized by a porous structure. On the one hand it is covered with a polymer…

BBest seat cover material

21.04.20192 Min Read — In Seat covers

This question is quite popular and common among motorists. Few people pay enough attention to this, but resolving this issue will ensure the comfort of your ride. When choosing autoclaves, it is…

CCar Seat covers ultimate guide

25.12.20183 Min Read — In Seat covers

Seat covers are designed to protect the upholstery of car seats from wear, improve appearance, make a touch of comfort, make the salon home and comfortable. And how to choose these attributes…