How to remove spark plugs that are stuck

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Many drivers are familiar with the situation when it is necessary to unscrew a broken candle. In fact, it's easy to do, but you need to know some nuances. We will tell you how to twist a criminal candle using a minimum of tools.

Removing stuck spark plugs

1. Preparation for the procedure

Before proceeding to the procedure for extracting the parts from the engine socket, it is necessary to prepare. Wait until the engine is cool, because when heated, the aluminum cylinder head expands and grips the spark plug in the thread. Then you can not really get out of the nest. You must also disconnect all contacts. The area where the spark plug is located should be thoroughly cleaned of dirt. Use special tools and a piece of clean cloth for this purpose. Pour oil into the slot, for example W-40. The tool will lubricate the carving, which will facilitate further twisting. After pouring oil, wait for ten minutes - fifteen minutes, and only then do the immediate work.

2. Screw out spark plug.

removing spark plugs

Before removing the candle, prepare the required instrument. You need a torque wrench. With its help you will be able to control the application of your strength. Some drivers, without knowing what key to unscrew, use the normal key. However, with such a tool you will not enter the well or break the carving.

Each product has a hexagon under the torque wrench. It is located in the middle, and usually it breaks the upper part of the part (it is called the insulator). You should put the key on the part that is stuck in the nest. Slowly, smoothly twist the part. Many do not know which side to spin spark plugs. The carving of such products, as a rule, is right. Accordingly, it is necessary to unscrew the counterclockwise.

When performing the procedure it is important to keep the tool strictly along the device's axis. Work without hurry and without much effort. If you apply all your strength, then simply tear the thread. In this case, you will have to go to the service centre, because only specialists can remove the item. When turning the key, listen to the sound with which the device is unscrewed.

3. Listen to the sounds

If you hear light gnash - your spark plug wipes out completely normal. If you feel a slight jerk, and then the beginning part is very easy to unscrew - this may indicate a breakdown of the thread. In this situation, we recommend that you turn the key back and wait a bit. Then, with smooth movements in different directions, you need to carefully unscrew the product.

As you can see, the process of extracting a broken piece is not too complicated. The main thing - to stock up with unusual patience and do everything in no hurry. But it's best to avoid such situations altogether. In order to not break the devices, we recommend buying high-quality products and timely to replace them.


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